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I am Christopher West. Husband, Father of two, marketing specialist and 3d Artist. This blog is focused around my hobby of making 3d modelling for Daz studio (most of which are free), composing and rendering. Feel free to browse my gallery, visit my shop where most of the products are free, or drop me a line if you want to enquire about your own commissions. Originally from South Africa, I first got into 3D art back when doing tutorials on Maya I believe. I managed to make a realistic looking Orange. Life got in the way as they say and well I got blessed with a family. Several years later, and several thousand miles away, I got back into 3D art when a colleague mentioned that Daz Studios released the main software for free. I was hooked! Got into the modelling side of it two and managed to sell a model over at www.hivewire.com On this 3d art blog, I plan to release some renders as well as free 3d Models (and perhaps a few paid ones). If you are looking for a commission, drop me a line too and I will see what I can do for you.

3D Art Gallery

Check out some more of my 3D art, composed in Daz Studio and rendered with 3Delight or Luxrender. Some of these images are not safe for work or young viewers.

Free 3d Models

Check out my growing list of 3d models for Daz Studio. Most of which are free and the list continues to get bigger.

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My day job is that of a marketing specialist for a digital and web design agency. From time to time I write about the stuff I learn or the latest news and trends in the industry.

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Some of my latest work (or mumblings)

Tree of Life


Did I say the tree was big? It was huge. I couldnt even see the top of it. then again, dont think anyone would as it’s own canopy blotted out the sun for some thirty or forty yards around its trunk. Across the clearing of boot-high grass we could see evidence of destruction and damage. […]

13 Oct, 2014 Christopher West

Making Clothing with Blender

This is a clothing tutorial I found on You Tube   http://youtu.be/kNy4d33WS3M   

4 Oct, 2014 Christopher West
Leylin Face

Leylin The Wanderer – Journal Entry 270914

The first journal entry of my new PC, Leylin The Wanderer – a roguish individual with the talents of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones.

27 Sep, 2014 Christopher West